Foods to Avoid

There are foods that that e have to avoid in order to keep our body healthy. It is very much important to follow the rules that our body has set for us so that we can have a good and healthy living.

Our body can not fight too much toxic so we have to avoid taking in toxic foods such as junk foods and also alcohol. Drinking soda is not good for the body.

Kidney is the cleaning part of the body. If the kidney is overloaded then the kidney will become weak. It is enough for the kidney to clean some dirt from our body caused by different foods we eat including go, grow and glow foods. However, if we take in pure dirt such as alcohol, junk foods and salty foods, it will be enough to destroy the kidney. This is why there is what we call kidney stone.

Because the foods rich in vitamins are not 100% clean, our body has to work to fight them. But if we are too much, our body can not carry it already.

Some foods we take in come from the farm where they were sprayed with chemicals which is not good for the body. However, we can not avoid it. There are organic foods that can replace these ones but they are more expensive than the regular ones.

There are vegetables that are not healthy due to the type of watering they receive. Water is very dirty coming from canals or wherever, this type of foods must be avoided.

Avoid to much eating of carbohydrates because that is what our body dislikes. Carbohydrates makes the body fatter and fatter which is bad for our health. Eating too much causes obesity.