Healthy Foods to Eat

When eating, do you think of the foods you eat? What kind of foods you have to eat and what vitamins you have to take in from those type of foods? Think now of the type of foods that you have to eat in order to make your body fit and healthy.

Eat Foods that are rich in Vitamin A.  Foods like sweet potatoes and some green leafy vegetables are examples. Vitamin A foods maintains the immune system by acting as anti-oxidant of the body. If someone get sick always due to bacteria, then his immune system power is low.

Eat foods rich in calcium because calcium develop the strength of the bones. Calcium foods such as watercress, raw milk, cheese, broccoli are very important to keep you from having an arthritis at a young age.

Eat also protein foods for daily work out. Protein foods regulate the body to become strong to carry out the daily activities so that there is balance in the eating of food. It is not enough to eat only Vitamin A.

This is why eating a balance diet is the most recommendable eating way. This is the best to make your body healthy. There are many people getting older and they are regretting for not taking care of the health.

Many foods that we eat are acidic. So we have to choose foods that have low alkaline or have 0% content. However, since even vegetables, protein and fruits that we say healthy foods, they are acidic foods and some are even highly acidic. Then what can we do? To balance it, we should at least eat cleansing foods for like broccoli and cucumber. Then drink a lot of water to flash the toxic away.